Since 1994 SENSA® Personal Lubricants has been helping couples and individuals across the globe achieve intimate sensations they never knew were possible before. Founded in Miami, Florida, SENSA is one of the most experienced personal lubricant companies in the U.S. with over 20 years of experience in the personal lubricant business.

With a product line that includes our water based SENSA Liquigel and our silicone based SENSA Bodyglide, SENSA Personal Lubricants has a lube that will fit your needs.  Looking for a water based liquigel that stays where you put it?  SENSA Water Based Liquigel is your choice.  It is latex safe, non-sticky and non-staining with a thicker water based formulation that is perfect for all of your most intimate moments. For those that love the silky sensation of a silicone based personal lubricant, SENSA Bodyglide is the perfect choice.   Offering long lasting coverage with small applications, SENSA Bodyglide is a premium silicone based personal lubricant that will exceed all of your desires.

Experience more, experience the sensation of SENSA Personal Lubricants.  Available online and authorized retailers.